#danubemovements online bootcamp

Global challenges, such as climate change, the distribution of resources or human migration are transnational in nature and transinstitutional in solution. They cannot be addressed by any government or institution acting alone, but rather by collective movements of different actors coming together to create a positive change.

To be a success, such movements require a share of knowledge and collaborative action among governments, international organizations, corporations, universities, NGOs and creative individuals – such as YOU!

We believe it is essential to stay on the cutting-edge, constantly testing new ideas and solutions for global challenges. And we are convinced that civic engagement plays a key role when trying to create positive effects for the society and thereby is an important impulse for global interaction.

This is the starting point of the our project #danubemovements! Due to current circumstances the program is adapted for the digital realm.

The #danubemovements bootcamp provides a platform for young people to make a change and fight for their ideals. During 4 online sessions in a period of two weeks they have the possibility to network with one another and realising own projects to make their commitment visible. Supported by campaigning experts from Germany, Serbia and Romania, the participants learn from scratch how to plan and implement promising movements. Our goal: To empower  the young generation and sustainably strengthen civil society.

Instead of a selective workshop, the project aims to enable young multipliers to implement and consolidate long-term projects in their respective home regions. This will enable a large target group of young people in the Danube countries to identify options for action and to offer a platform for active involvement. The experiences of peers and experts from the different partner countries should help to build up long-term commitment and to evaluate and consolidate it on an ongoing basis.

Environmental protection, migration and the situation of minorities, nationalism and racism as well as populism and conspiracy theories – these are only a few of the socio-political challenges, in the Danube region and beyond, the participants want to get active in. The young participants bring in their ideas and ideals, the experts bring in their skills and experience, together we will work on campaigns that will be heard of!