DENK GLOBAL! is an innovative agency consisting of a young interdisciplinary team that promotes education projects to raise awareness for issues of economic, social and ecological sustainability as well as for everybody’s responsability in a globalising world.

What we want

The vision of DENK GLOBAL! is a society that handles the challenges of globalisation in a responsible way and sustainably shapes living together on earth. Of priority is the development, support and coordination of education projects that disclose this vision to general public.

What we do

DENK GLOBAL! draws attention to issues of globalisation and delivers incentives for action. Topics and methods are adjusted to the respective target group. Which individual possibilities for action do exist and how can we behave responsibly in our every day life? Eduaction is done in a neutral, participative and open manner respecting different perspectives to let anyone draw his own conclusions. By that globalisation is not only analysed on individual level but individuals are also encouraged to independent acting.

Who we are

DENK GLOBAL! is a team of young professionals that bring different personal and content-related backgrounds together: economics, ecology, migration, interculture, political science … We offer an interdisciplinar approach towards issues of globalisation which are so complex that various different perspectives are necessary to understand and handle them.